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House Attire

It started with a simple thought. Xavier student and Philosophy, Politics and the Public major Nick Reinel saw 1977 graduate and Speaker of the House John Boehner on TV wearing an Ohio State jacket.

“He shouldn’t be wearing an Ohio State jacket,” Reinel thought. “He went to Xavier. He should be wearing a Xavier jacket.”

So Reinel, like any ambitious student who probably doesn’t know any better, picked up his phone and called Boehner’s office, requesting that the third-most powerful man in U.S. politics visit campus so he could be presented with a Xavier jacket to wear.

To Reinel’s delight, Boehner said yes. So on Jan. 22—three days before he sat behind President Obama during the State of the Union address—Boehner attended the Xavier-Temple basketball game, where University President Michael J. Graham, S.J., presented him with a personalized Xavier athletic jacket.

Boehner also spoke with announcers Joe Sunderman and Byron Larkin, as well as Xavier guard Brad Redford for Redford’s behind-the-scenes blog.

Among the first to greet him when he arrived: Reinel, of course.

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