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Hopeful Dancer

It may seem quite a “jeté” from ballet dancer to psychotherapist, but Robin Arthur made that soaring leap with ease. The former Cincinnati Ballet dancer says it was a “natural extension” of who she was to become chief of psychology at the new Lindner Center of Hope mental health center in the Cincinnati suburb of Mason. 

“When you’re a ballet dancer, it’s the interaction between you and the audience that moves people,” she says. “In psychotherapy, it’s the interaction between you and the patient that moves people.”

Arthur says overcoming mental problems requires structure in life, and her training in ballet made her an expert on regimen.

“Ten years of my formative life were spent training four hours a day, six days a week,” she says. “Those years taught me a lot about human behavior and developed my interest in studying psychology.”

Arthur received a master’s degree in psychology from Xavier in 2001 and a doctorate in psychology from Xavier in 2004. She was a member of the founding team that designed the Lindner Center, which has the appearance of a lodge in a park. “For a patient, you feel like you’re going into a nurturing place. Our model is set up to be therapeutic and not hospital-like, although you get all the benefits of a hospital.”

Arthur says she has found professional fulfillment at the center. “It is a marriage of all my talents,” she says. “I get to use my creative outputs to develop programming. I get to use my therapy skills to do therapy and all of my industrial organizational psychology pieces to be an administrator.”

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