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Honorable Endeavor

The University is enhancing its 50-year tradition of honors offerings—and raising its academic profile in the process. In February, it added a third honors program called Philosophy, Politics and the Public that is expected to add to the University’s academic reputation by offering a course of study unavailable at any other institution.

“It’s the only one in the world,” says E. Paul Colella, director of the new program. “Programs in public policy abound. But what makes this new program so unique and so intriguing is the third element: The public. It’s the arena in which human individuals can stretch themselves to become something more.”

It also stands out because it incorporates the traditional Jesuit teachings—theology, philosophy and ethics—required of all Xavier students.

Inspired by similar programs at Oxford, Yale and Penn, the program weaves the study of the public into all required courses.

“The program came about because of the dialogue we’ve had over the years concerning Xavier’s strategic role in community building and the way that role intersects with Xavier’s tradition for academic strength and rigor,” says President Michael J. Graham, S.J.

It’s the newest honors program in 30 years, and its students receive $3,500 toward summer study abroad.

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