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It took a year and a half. That’s all.

On Dec. 16, 2009, the Board of Trustees approved the building of a new residence hall and dining complex as a means of addressing the growing number of students on campus. A month later, bonds were issued to finance the project and on March 3, 2010, demolition of homes on the site took place and construction actually began.

On Aug. 19, 2011—a mere 17 months since construction began—the doors to the second largest building on Xavier’s campus opened. The time—or lack thereof—it took to build the 245,000-square-foot complex, the second largest building on Xavier’s campus, is only one of the interesting numbers that come with the building.

Dining Hall
700 seats
155 tables
12 booths
8 leather armchairs
6 TVs
2,100 forks
1,800 plates
1,392 knives
864 bowls
360 coffee mugs
100 pizzas baked per day in the stone-hearth oven, which cooks at 500 degrees and is so massive it had to be intalled early becuase it would not fit through any of the doors.
125 flavors available in the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines, allowing students to mix and match varieties through touch-screen buttons.
300 hamburgers grilled per day
300 cookies baked per day

Residence Hall
4 buildings, which are independent but connected through common areas
108 suites, a combination of four-person and six-person
18 suites that are fully ADA compliant
12 washing machines, which send an email when the load is finished
535 beds
125 bathrooms

6,500 electrical outlets (13,000 plugs)
3,500 gallons of paint used to cover the rooms
60,000 cubic yards of concrete poured to build the complex
2.4 million pounts of reinforced steel integrated into the structure
35,000 square feet of window glass
158,400 bricks in the paver walkways
840 cubic yards of topsoil atop the green roof
140 tons of sand underneath all of that topsoil to allow drainage
437 lawn sprinklers

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