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Home Again

Charity Wayua and Sheran Oradu are spreading the Xavier message around the world. Wayua and Oradu, both junior chemistry majors and recipients of the first Kenyan Student Scholarship, spent a little more than a month in their homeland last summer recruiting potential Xavier students. They visited schools, met with guidance counselors and students, handed out stacks of Xavier T-shirts, viewbooks and other giveaways. It was the pair’s second trip, and they’ll make a third trip this summer.

“The families there are really scrambling for information about colleges,” says Angela Boyce-Mathis, director for enrollment research.

“These two share the same background.” Jim McCoy, associate vice president for enrollment management, says the trips reflect today’s new realities in attracting international students. “It’s important to build relationships rather than just sending out applications,” he says.

The Kenyan Student Scholarship is part of a larger effort aimed at East African women—founded by Susan Mboya, a brand manager at Procter & Gamble, and John Pepper, P&G’s retired chairman and chief executive officer. The program pays room and board, while the University picks up tuition costs.

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