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JOSE GUERRA Executive M.B.A., 2003, Founder and President, L5 Source, Cincinnati


Mr. President | Guerra launched his own company, L5 Source, in 2004. The firm helps companies align their technology with their corporate strategy. Its key: balancing risk, quality and cost through the use of onshore resources and strategic partnerships with near-shore technology firms.

Opening Doors |Guerra is also president of the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the National Society of Hispanic M.B.A.s, which focuses on educational attainment, professional development and leadership development for Hispanics. Guerra helped found the Cincinnati chapter in 2003. In addition he serves on the boards of the Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati, the philanthropic organization Hispanics Avanzando Hispanics and the Hispanic IT Executive Council.

Getting Started | Guerra began his career in information technology with Procter & Gamble in Mexico. During his tenure at P&G, his IT assignments included finance, human resources, sales and marketing, and product development. He was eventually assigned to P&G headquarters in Cincinnati from 1984-1987.

Moving On | After leaving P&G, Guerra worked for Convergys Corp. where he led various outsourced customer care initiatives for national and international telecommunications companies. He then worked in a turnaround situation with a subsidiary of U.S. Shoe before moving to Duke Energy, where he was hired to lead the IT function of one of their divisions.

Valued Memory | Guerra points to the 2002 Executive M.B.A. international business trip he took to Asia as a high point in his Xavier experience. “Being exposed to Chinese and Japanese business practices further reinforced the importance of the global economy and the criticality of recruiting, developing and retaining a diverse workforce in the U.S. if we are to continue being a world-class economy.”

Seeds of Inspiration | Guerra draws inspiration from his mother, Olga, and his late father, Jose, from whom he learned about hard work, integrity and standing up for your beliefs. They showed him the importance of picking himself up when something goes wrong.

Goals | Guerra wants his company to be recognized as a global source of excellence in IT consulting. His driving goal is to improve the communities in which he does business while building a financially secure environment for his family. In addition, he plans to become more involved with the health care industry over the next 10 years, applying technological know-how to help streamline and accelerate the development and discovery of new cures.

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