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Cathy Rosenbaum prayed for a calling. But the 2001 M.B.A. graduate didn’t dream the answer would appear in her mailbox. Still, there it was: an invitation from People International to visit China and compare American and Chinese herbal and drug research.

After working for 30 years as a pharmacist, Rosenbaum was looking for a change, and she was so moved by her experience in China that upon her return she founded Rx Integrative Solutions, a small business with the mission of helping individuals bridge the gap between physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Rx Integrative Solutions provides customized programs for clients and physicians, addressing such things as helping individuals gain a better understanding of various herbal supplements, ensuring that clients’ supplements won’t interact negatively with any doctor-prescribed medicines they may be taking, streamlining a client’s regimen of herbal supplements and prescription drugs, or serving as a physician’s reference on herbal medicines. But equally important to Rosenbaum, she works with clients to implement lifestyle changes that might make supplements, and in some cases, medication, unnecessary.

Although she admits to being on the crest of a progressive wave in a conservative town, Rosenbaum says the trust she’s built with physicians over her long career—she still works at Bethesda Hospital and is administrative director for TriHealth Integrative Health and Medicine in suburban Cincinnati—gave her a strong foundation within the medical community.

Clients come through her web site—www.—or as referrals from doctors. Rosenbaum says her job is both educational and inspirational. “I’m trying to empower people to see they have amazing abilities to overcome obstacles if they have the tools.”

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