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Healthy Gift

Wilma McGrath, who worked as a registered nurse at Xavier’s health and counseling center, left the University a $100,000 gift as part of her estate. McGrath died earlier this year at the age of 90. The center is named after her and her husband, Dr. Edward McGrath, who also worked at the center and was a cardiothoracic surgeon and associate dean of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

“Mrs. McGrath ran the health center in a very professional and disciplined manner, but cared a great deal about the students,” says Dr. James Konerman, medical director for the McGrath Health and Counseling Center. “Over the last 10 years as I cared for her, she frequently asked about the health center. She continued her caring by donating a large amount of money to aid our future improvements.”

The center is getting a new home as part of the campus expansion. It is being relocated in Xavier Square, a 20-acre site on the corner of Dana Avenue and Montgomery Road, which also includes retail and entertainment outlets, office space, student housing, a hotel, a fitness center and the University bookstore.

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