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Healing Wounds

Ann Marie Tracey, the longtime Hamilton County Common Pleas Court judge who now teaches business law and ethics at the University, was appointed by the Cincinnati Archdiocese to the three-member panel that will distribute $3 million in funds to victims of sexual abuse by priests. The Archdiocese pleaded no contest to abuse charges in court in November 2003.

“This is a healing and reconciling process that the Archdiocese is undertaking at a difficult time, and I am eager to be a part of that,” says Tracey, a lifelong Catholic.

She believes she was chosen because of her experience evaluating evidence and making decisions. For many, the funds are the only resolution, because their abuse happened so long ago.

“My understanding is for the bulk of the victims, it’s too late to file in court because of the statute of limitations,” she says. “This panel goes beyond a legal solution. It’s more of a moral solution.”

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