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Hands Across Water

Shoshonnah McKinney’s two-week vacation in China, where she was a teacher for four years, became an opportunity to do some international recruiting for Xavier. McKinney, Xavier’s international student specialist, went back in April to visit friends, but she tacked on an extra week to give presentations about Xavier at high schools and colleges in several cities.
The effort is part of Xavier’s economy-driven approach to international recruiting. Without an official international recruitment program, Xavier is nevertheless stepping up its efforts to spread the word about the University to prospective students in other countries, says Lea Minniti, director for International Student Services.

“I want to take a multi-faceted approach to recruiting,” Minniti says. “If we don’t promote recruitment, we will lose out.”
International recruitment is a hot issue as U.S. higher education becomes more accessible for non-citizens. Minniti says the largest growth in Xavier’s international student population, which is now at 169 students, is from China and Vietnam.

Other recruitment efforts include asking current international students to e-mail high school friends back home; following up in admissions with international student inquiries; putting forms and other information on the web; and sending admissions materials home with current students.

This spring, Xavier materials were displayed at six college fairs in China, Vietnam and Indonesia. Xavier graduate Kiki Peter represented Xavier at a college fair in Jakarta, where she is working.

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