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Grade A Program

The stamp of approval that arrived last July at the psychology department was anything but simple to obtain, yet everything a doctoral student could want.

The stamp was the accreditation by the American Psychological Association for the doctoral program in clinical psychology, the University’s first doctoral program. It came only after an exhaustive self-study by the department and a two-day site visit by the agency.

Earning the coveted accreditation means more doors will open for doctoral graduates. “If you’re from an APA-accredited program, you have a clear advantage,” says department chair Christine Dacey.

Psychology doctoral graduates must do a yearlong internship both prior to and following graduation before Ohio will grant them a license to practice. Dacey says in both cases, students now have a better chance of landing a berth at the hospital or mental health agency of their choice.

“Many internship sites won’t even look at you if you’re not from an accredited program,” she says. “The idea is you have had the coursework and come from a quality program.”

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