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Gentleman’s Gentleman

Thomas Schaefer looked at his market research and couldn’t deny the findings. “Men are the new women,” says the 1997 graduate. While that might confuse most people, it was perfectly clear to Schaefer and helped him decide to launch Cincinnati Gentlemen, a magazine for young professional men.

“There’s not much happening now in the women’s market because so many people are competing for that,” he says. “But nobody in Cincinnati was going after the men’s market—it was virtually untouched. Cincinnati is a business town and the ranks of young professionals are swelling. They’re socially active and fashion conscious, and I want to tap into that.”

After leaving the University, Schaefer worked in marketing for several high-end commercial real estate offices. But it was his work as a freelance designer that led him to the magazine arena and, ultimately, to his own magazine. By all visible indications, he’s off to a promising start. Cincinnati Gentlemen’s first issue features a cover story on Cincinnati Reds star Sean Casey, as well as articles on clothing, bourbon and choosing a cigar. Perhaps most impressive is the roster of ads that appear on the magazine’s slick, glossy pages.

While some details still need to be worked out in terms of distribution, Schaefer would ultimately like to see the magazine move from a bi-monthly to a monthly. But he’s nonetheless pleased with the initial effort. “The magazine will evolve over time as we get out in front of people and get feedback. We have a lot of stuff planned for the future. My goal is for it to be a resource and a community magazine.”

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