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From the Roots

Joe McDevitt, Jim O’Donnell, John Burns and Joe Grever are a rare breed. The four have been going to Xavier basketball games since Franklin Roosevelt was president and “Gone With the Wind” was the big new movie. Sixty-five years.

The four, along with six other friends, grew up in neighboring Evanston. They began attending football and basketball games for a dime and have remained dedicated Musketeer fans since, following the team to its various home venues—Schmidt Fieldhouse, Riverfront Coliseum, the Cincinnati Gardens and now the Cintas Center. They bought season tickets in each and met up for socializing before and after every game.

Today, the group’s numbers have dwindled, but you can still see at least four of them at each game, having a good time, just as they did as 12-year-olds.

“It’s basically my one sort of entertainment,” says McDevitt. “I enjoy college basketball.”

“The Cintas Center, the whole new campus, it’s happening,” says Burns. “I am so proud I knew X from its roots.”

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