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Fr. Hoff’s Accomplishments

Accomplishments while leading Xavier

• Raising of the endowment from $24 million to $86 million

• Constructing the Cintas Center

• Constructing the Gallagher Student Center

• Constructing the Clement and Ann Buenger residence hall

• Constructing The Commons apartment building

• Closing of Ledgewood Drive and creation of the residential and academic malls

• Renovating of the West Row buildings: Schmidt, Hinkle and Edgecliff halls

• Raising $125 million during the Century Campaign

• Joining the Atlantic 10 Conference for athletics

• Earning recognition and ranking from U.S. News & World Report

• Earning recognition from the John Templeton Honor Roll for Character-Building Colleges

• Creating the academic service learning semesters

• Creating the Brueggeman Center for Dialogue

• Creating the doctoral program in psychology

• Creating the Weekend Degree Program

• Creating the National Alumni Association

• Increasing academic standards for incoming students (SAT scores from 973 to 1134, GPAs from 2.9 to 3.46)





“What I want most of all is that a Xavier education be of such quality that each and every graduate will say: ‘I received an absolutely superb education at Xavier. I could not have received a finer education anywhere in the world.’”



“You can’t tell people what to think. That’s their free pursuit. But, you can make them aware of how people go about resolving these issues, and you can help them become more aware of their own moral convictions in the process. It seems to me that there is no one more dangerous for our American society, for our nation, than a very bright, very well-educated person without moral convictions…Part of our Xavier education is that people become more grounded in their moral convictions, become aware of themselves, where they stand and they become aware of the issues facing us in society.”



“I would feel that our students are cheated if they leave here and did not have a chance to reflect on their own relationship with God and to deepen that relationship. My really deep conviction about that comes from a half a dozen years of working with people who were dying of life-threatening illnesses, cancer patients and heart patients…I never heard a dying man or woman talk about their career. But they talked about their loved ones, their family members, their God. Having had this deep experience of listening to this with people who were dying convinced me even more of the importance of urging young people at this point in their lives to reflect on their relationships with their God and to reflect on His revelation on who He says He is and what He says our life should be like.”

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