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Fox Sports 1: LA Native Sports TV Career

Charles Dickson is right where he’s always wanted to be—working in sports broadcasting as a broadcast associate for Fox Sports 1. He credits the broad base of knowledge he gained as an Electronic Media major at Xavier for getting him there.

“I learned how to speak on camera, how to set up shots, how to edit, set up lights,” says Dickson, a 2010 graduate who’s now back in his native Los Angeles. “I learned all the core aspects of broadcast, and I became good at them. If you come in with only one or two skills, it’s going to hurt you.”

Dickson’s always been a sports fan, and Xavier’s legacy of basketball greatness helped attract him to the school. But it also nearly proved his undoing. As a member of the practice squad for the women’s basketball team, Dickson was spending most of his free time playing ball, until assistant professor Blis DeVault gave him a nudge.

“Blis is very important in my life,” he says. “I was still chasing the dream of being a professional athlete, and she said, ‘Did you come to Xavier to be on the women’s practice team or did you come to find your future career?’ The question made me switch my competitiveness from the court to the classroom.”

A graduate degree from Syracuse University helped build Dickson’s skills, and after a year doing sports public relations, he landed the job at Fox Sports, where he worked on the show, “America’s Pregame.” His current gig requires a wide range of skills, from creating graphics to cutting video and writing scripts, and he plans on using his versatility to propel him into positions of increasing responsibility and visibility.

“I try to be a Swiss Army knife,” he says, “learn everything possible and be able to step into any job.” 

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