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Gerry Braun often wonders, where on earth are his students. And more and more frequently, the answer is everywhere on earth.

“I had a student in France during the summer, and I had a student contact me about taking the class this term from the United Kingdom,” says Braun, assistant professor of information systems. “I’m assuming he did.”

Several courses in the Williams College of Business are available online, and while most students are accessing these classes from Cincinnati, a growing number are out-of-state—or even out-of-country. One current finance student lives in India. Braun says about six of the 25 students in his managerial computer applications course last semester were from, well, somewhere else. One was in Paris.

His newest online course, development technologies for the web, attracted a student in London.

Braun’s courses include required chat sessions where the text and a PowerPoint presentation—the lecture—are discussed each week, no matter where on earth his students are living.

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