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For Sherry Brubaker, the first time’s been all the charm. Brubaker finds herself the co-author of a children’s picture book, Cup of Glitter, which has won raves and awards from the publishing industry.

“It’s something I always wanted to do, to write children’s stories,” says Brubaker, who earned a master’s degree in education in 1996. “But I wanted to write at a higher level than a picture book. I wanted to spark questions and discussion between parents and children, so they can start to talk and share ideas.”

In Cup of Glitter, two flying forest fairies named Glitter and Dart are trapped in the bizarre world of human beings, where litter can easily become their deadliest enemy. In this case, the villain of the tale is an upside-down paper cup from a fast-food restaurant, which flips over and ensnares Glitter. Dart is left to rescue her, aided on a wing and a prayer by dragonflies, a border collie and a human boy.

“It’s really a book about being scared, and how to deal with those feelings,” says Brubaker, whose day job is as director of human resources for The Children’s Home of Cincinnati. “Dart has to be a little ingenious to find a way to get Glitter out.”

We won’t spoil the ending. Suffice it to say, there’s a fairy song—sheet music and lyrics included—for children to sing, as well as a back-of-the-book identification chart that displays the animals and insects featured in the tale.

Cup of Glitter, which is illustrated by her husband Robert, has already won the pair some literary kudos—including honors as a finalist in the International Book Awards and a nod from the USA Best Books competition.

“We started researching how to get a children’s book published, and decided to do self-publishing,” Brubaker says. “We did the research and ended up starting our own company, Gilded Magic Publishing.”

Expect to see lots more pixie dust in the future. “I’m planning to do a series about Glitter and Dart,” says Brubaker. All proving Brubaker is one belle you don’t want to tinker with.

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