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Father Figure

Ever since his early days at the University, Albert Bischoff, S.J., has been lending a friendly ear and dispensing advice to students. He never really knew what kind of impact he had on them though, until a group of graduates from those first years told him in the form of a $75,000 scholarship named in his honor.

More than 130 alumni from 1969-1974 gathered in November to celebrate Bischoff’s 75th birthday with a special Mass and dinner. During the meal they surprised the campus minister with the scholarship.

“I was overwhelmed and humbled,” says Bischoff, a 1949 graduate. “My hope is the scholarship helps students who are already here stay at Xavier instead of transferring for financial reasons.”

“He’s a great person,” says Bill Howe, Class of 1974. “He’s lived with the students all these years and just gets to know them. He takes you for what you are, makes you feel good about yourself and brings out the best in you.”

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