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Faculty Spotlight: Brennan Hill

In 1984, Brennan Hill applied for a job as a theology professor at Xavier after seeing an ad in a New York newspaper. His qualifications were undeniable: degrees in English and theology from Marquette University, Cambridge University, St. Bonaventure University and the Catholic University of America. Not surprisingly, he landed the job and went on to write 22 books, win five national journalism awards, travel more than 10,000 miles and touch thousands of lives.

Still, says Hill, it all falls second to the parts of his life that come a little closer to home. “I would begin my credentials with my marriage and family.” Hill and his wife, Marie, have been married 32 years, raised two children and now have two grandchildren. His experiences helped him teach the marriage and family course at Xavier for more than 20 years, educating students on what they can expect from the family front.

“In the classroom,” he says, “I like to promote a learning community, where each student can use his or her own experiences to add something to the class.” The classroom life, though, is coming to an end. Hill announced his retirement this year, and he and Marie are now going to teach all they know about theology, marriage and family to a smaller audience—their grandchildren.

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