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Extra Credit: Peter Block

Peter Block is a consultant and trainer focusing on empowerment, stewardship, accountability and community. He’s written several best-selling books, including Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used, which was recognized as the most influential book for organizational development practitioners over the past 40 years. He also founded Designed Learning, a training and resource firm. He is working as the consultant-in-residence at the Williams College of Business

What type of work will you be doing here at Xavier? My goal is to help Xavier connect more deeply with its neighborhood and the larger Cincinnati community. I think Xavier has a desire to be partners with the community instead of developers of the community.

What’s the guiding thread or philosophy behind your work? The restoration of community, which means to help change the fragmented nature of our cities. And you do that by changing the conversation from a kind of problem-oriented thinking to one of possibility and connectedness.

How will that play out in your work here? I’m trying to get more people involved in civic engagement—a different kind of civic engagement—and create projects that bring Xavier’s enormous assets and connect them with the needs of the community. I want to raise people’s consciousness to the awareness that no organization can be successful in isolation. It’s about getting everyone to care about the well-being of the whole. It’s an antidote to the individualism and short-term focus of most of our lives.

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