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Extra Credit: Christian End

Sports psychologist Christian End, a 1996 graduate, returned to the University in August after teaching at the University of Missouri-Rolla. He has authored 12 professional publications, made 35 presentations and been cited in about 200 articles in national and international media. In his first year back on campus, End has kept busy teaching general psychology, social psychology—both graduate and undergraduate—and experimental psychology.

What’s the best part of being back at Xavier? The people. The feeling of community associated with Xavier is one that can’t be matched. Everyone seems to be truly committed to and personally invested in the University’s mission. The shared focus on the students’ development enables collaboration, which enhances and broadens the educational experience.

What research are you involved in? I research the identification between sport fans and their teams, and how this identification impacts behavior such as fan aggression, defensive reactions to defeat, affiliation tendencies and the use of technology. I recently examined the impact of sports on romantic relationships.

Tell us about your classes. They are designed to showcase the “real world” applicability of psychological theory and research. My social psychology course examines how one’s behaviors and thoughts impact others and are impacted by others. My experimental psychology course provides insight into the research process and develops critical thinking, writing and presentation skills. So far no one has booed or thrown a beverage at me. Yet.


Miami University, Doctorate in social psychology, 2002 Miami University, Master of Science in social psychology, 2000 Xavier University, Bachelor of Science in psychology, 1996


Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year for 2002-2003 at the University of Missouri-Rolla’s School of Management and Information Systems Psi Chi Most Inspiring Teacher Award for 2003-2004.

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