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Exchanging Places

A new study abroad program not only sends Xavier students to Paris but is now bringing Parisian students to Xavier. The student exchange program with the University of Marne la Vallée grew out of the efforts of associate philosophy professor Steven Frankel, who taught at the American University of Paris from 1999-2003. He imagined how beneficial it would be for Xavier students to study with some of the professors he met in Paris and helped negotiate the program.

So far, four students from Marne la Vallée have come to  Xavier to study, while only one Xavier student has attended Marne la Vallée. The plan is, however, to have two Xavier students go to Paris every fall and two Marne la Vallée students come to Xavier each spring.

“The University of Marne la Vallée is attractive because it’s located on the outskirts of Paris and has all the amenities of an American-style campus,” says Frankel.

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