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Estate Sales Meet the Internet: Everything but the House

A typical estate-sale experience is: up at 6:00 a.m., arrive on time to find the early birds have already scooped up the best items, leaving only picked-over boxes of tired tablewear and random bric-a-brac. Andy Nielsen, MBA 2013, is changing all that—for both sellers and buyers.

As president and CEO of Everything But The House (EBTH), Neilsen has shifted the paradigm of the classic estate sale and launched it into cyberspace. “We’re taking what’s historically a small, local sale and presenting it to a world-wide audience,” he says.

His pitch is pretty compelling to investors, too. He’s already raised $13 million in venture capital funding for the business.

Judging from their unassuming corporate headquarters, that cash is not being budgeted for tony executive washrooms. Modest beige-toned offices lead to a contemporary space filled with intent young professionals working at sleek office furniture topped with matte-black computers. The next set of doors reveals a classically old-school warehouse filled with neatly organized objects, artifacts and furniture.

A cursory review of current inventory: a circa 1800s lemon-peel leather baseball, a Victorian walnut parlor set and a framed, autographed photo of TV stars Sherman Hemsley and Isabel Sanford from “The Jeffersons.” These, and
hundreds more items, are being perused these days by potentially 100,000 registered customers.

According to Nielsen, what separates EBTH from other estate sale service providers is attention to detail and impeccable customer service.

“We provide a wall-to wall service. We coordinate trash removal, donations and the sale of anything from $5 to $100,000. We’ve also
leveled the playing field for buyers. Gone are the days of showing up at 6:00 a.m. You can bid from a computer, tablet or mobile device. We can pack and ship anything from a coin to a car.”

As far as future plans? EBTH has 13 million reasons for optimism. “We’re in six cities and just launched Atlanta and southwest Florida. We’re sprinting toward another six cities right now. Everywhere from Boston to Los Angeles.”

Stay tuned to online for further developments—and a highly-addictive shopping experience.


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