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Entrepreneurial Gift

Even when he was earning his business degree, Tom Sedler worked in the family business. “It’s just what we did back then,” he says. “I went to class then zipped off to work.”

Sedler graduated in 1958 but began his career in 1951 at Home City Ice, the Cincinnati company started by his father in 1924. Now, Tom and his wife Genny are giving back to Xavier in a way that will help others fulfill their entrepreneurial spirit. The Sedlers made a leading gift to the Williams College of Business’ center for entrepreneurial studies.

“This tremendous gift from the Sedlers will allow us to create a physical space that is much more interactive and dynamic for our students,” says Ali Malekzadeh, dean of the Williams College of Business. “It will also directly impact the program and the types of outreach opportunities that are so critical to enriching the academic experiences. The Sedlers are literally helping these students’ entrepreneurial dreams come true.”

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