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Double Double

Growing up in the spotlight with three brothers who look alike, Jason Furtick is enjoying his anonymity at Xavier. “The great part about Xavier is people don’t recognize me,” Jason says.

Anyone watching television in the mid-1990s might remember a Tide commercial featuring the Furtick quads rolling around in the dirt. The boys also did commercials for Levi’s jeans and Wendy’s. “We walk up to Dave Thomas and say, ‘Chicken nuggets, please.’”

They also appeared on talk shows and became a favorite of Oprah’s, who invited them to her last show in October. Conceived without fertility drugs, the quadruplets gained a lot of attention. Yes, they were cute. But cute only gets you so far. The boys grew up, finished high school, and went to separate colleges. Jason initially picked Kentucky State.

It was OK. But when he visited a friend at Xavier, he thought, “This is what college should be like.” So he transferred as a communications major.

He rarely lets on who he is, and most students on campus today are too young to remember. “It lets me focus on what I think are more important things, and lets people form opinions of me without preconceived notions.”

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