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Dog-Eared Books

Dan Jones knows the frustrations of buying college textbooks—long lines, too expensive.

“I bought my biology book for $100, and then I couldn’t sell it back,” he says.

So he’s helping others eliminate the problem. The 1998 graduate is an editor for Atomic Dog Publishing, a Cincinnati company that provides affordable print and online versions of college textbooks.

The online versions are $10-$30 and offer students several multimedia options, such as video, interactive charts and graphs, self-quizzes and web links. A free online version also comes with every print textbook, which is printed on demand and costs $20-$50.

“Students love having the ability to go home on the weekends and not bring their books,” Jones says. “They just log onto their mom or dad’s computer and their books and notes are right there.”

Atomic Dog offers 70 titles.

“The mission of the company is to provide affordable education materials,” says Jones. “I see that as noble.”

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