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Diploma Detour

For years, Joan Tiffany Thompson spent her working hours surrounded by people whose Edgecliff diplomas are close to their hearts. And as coordinator of Edgecliff alumni for the national alumni association, she always held their hearts close to hers. So when she decided to retire in January, she regretted having to leave the alumni behind.

As it turns out, though, she won’t have to at all. At the annual Edgecliff Alumni Celebration during the 2003 Reunion Weekend, Thompson was made an honorary Edgecliff alumna. If you can’t leave them, join them.

Since she began as Edgecliff coordinator in 1996, Thompson has cultivated many of the former college’s events, most notably the Edgecliff Scholars dinner and reception. She transformed what was once a small pizza party into an event that this year honored a record 87 students with $76,000 in grants. Now Thompson is off to nurture areas of her own life, making plans to travel, spend time with her husband and devote herself to community service.

But she won’t be out of touch long—she’s already been recruited to chair the 2005 Edgecliff reunion.

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