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Danish Anyone?

A team of 10 Danish administrators and teachers studying school curriculum and philosophy in the U.S. last fall visited Xavier for an informal cross-cultural gathering. The Xavier department of education and the McDonald Library sponsored a conference in October where the Danish educators mingled with staff and faculty members from the departments of art, music, modern languages, psychology and English As a Second Language.

During the conference sessions, the participants explored subject area expertise from the American and Danish perspectives. They also looked at current theories of practice in specific curricular areas. Other sessions addressed opportunities for students and educators to study and work outside the U.S., including the exploration of service learning semesters, study abroad opportunities, and internship programs that would provide academic credit and valuable work experience, says Isaac Larison, assistant professor of education.

The visiting administrators and teachers were from two schools in Denmark, Brenderup Skole and Roskilde Lille Skole. Both have hosted teacher education students from the Kentucky Institute for International Studies ( Xavier students have studied in Denmark through the Kentucky program for the last three years.

The Danish educators also visited Cincinnati area preschool, Montessori, and K-12 public and private schools to explore the curricula and philosophies of American schools. They hope to establish exchanges with teacher education programs and K-12 schools in the U.S.

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