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Crew Mates

Midmorning on a sunny July Saturday, 16 rowers—along with a few of their spouses and a dog—made their way to Harsha Lake in Cincinnati’s East Fork State Park for the inaugural Alumni Row.

“Two years ago we began a newsletter to increase communication among the current team, parents, alumni and fans,” says undergraduate Elizabeth Spitznagel, one of the event’s organizers. “This row is a continuation of our outreach to alumni.” The lake, site of the crew team’s daily practices during the fall and spring seasons, welcomed rowers who ranged from the Class of 1989 to the Class of 2007. Instead of strenuous drills, however, rowers shared memories, put lineups together and took three boats out on the water. After about an hour of scrimmaging, they headed to shore for a lunch of hamburgers and hot dogs.

“Everyone loved it, and we got wonderful feedback,” Spitznagel says. “This event will definitely be repeated next year.”

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