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Countdown to the Quad

The clock is ticking. In just a few weeks, Xavier’s campus will be forever changed with the opening of two new buildings that will revolutionize the student learning experience and dramatically enhance the campus environment. The two new buildings—Steven and Dolores Smith Hall, the new home of the Williams College of Business, and the Conaton Learning Commons—collectively form the James E. Hoff, S.J., Academic Quad. A grand opening is planned for August.
Stay updated on the latest developments at theCountdown to the Quad web site:

• Explore the buildings – Specially created interactive maps allow users to explore both buildings, floor by floor, getting details about the many spaces that will allow students and faculty to interact and create a learning environment unlike any other in the nation.
• View a live web cam – Watch live as the finishing touches are put on the buildings from a camera placed on top of Schott Hall.
Receive Twitter updates. Follow the progress of the buildings through Twitter tweets that offer details about the projects from members of the construction teams.
• Set your watches – Count the time left, down to the second, until the first classes meet in the buildings in August with a special countdown clock.
• Speed up time – Watch the buildings rise from the ground with a special time lapse video that follows the construction of the buildings from the site clearance to the finishing touches.
• Watch and learn – Watch a series of videos that provide insights into the various stages of construction.
• Learn the legacy – Find out more about Father Hoff, the former chancellor of Xavier for whom the project is named.

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