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Consciousnesses Effort

Gillian Ahlgren believes there’s never been greater need for spiritual renewal. So in August, the professor of theology launched the Kairos Renewal Project, an organization dedicated to individual and community renewal through applied principles of Christian spirituality and justice, with an emphasis on the Christian mystical tradition.

The project has been evolving for about a year-and-a-half, Ahlgren says. “The idea is that we human beings—individually, communally and even as a species—are in pretty serious need of renewal, of inspiration, of guidance, of collaboration with one another, with our own deepest selves, with the divine.”

The group plans to offer programs and monthly events that fall into several categories: educational seminars aimed at helping individuals develop and utilize spiritual practices and principles in everyday life; workshops and audits designed to enhance organizational missions; retreats designed to help participants better understand their gifts and purpose in life; and community service projects.

“God’s presence is something that is always with us but we’re not always conscious of,” Ahlgren says. “The responsibility is on us to develop our awareness of the presence of God.”

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