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Commercial Success

“Ugh, I was safe,” Jayson Gale groans to his opponent, who gloats behind his catcher’s mask. The two are arguing Gale’s slide into home plate during a baseball game. But they’re not on a field of dreams—they’re at a sound studio filming a Wal-Mart commercial about Playstation’s MLB 2004 video game.

Gale is a Wal-Mart shopper, a Playstation owner and a former Musketeer baseball player. And he became an actor by walking into an audition at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where he worked. His day in showbiz—which involved 13 hours of filming for a 30-second spot—mirrored what might be the ideal day for many students: He played video games.

“We would act out a scene and the producers would say, ‘That’s a great idea. Let’s see if we can tweak it a little bit.’ We threw in their ideas and basically we made up the entire commercial.”

The spot aired in the spring and sparked calls from numerous former classmates.

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