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Comic Story-teller

Adam Minnick likes to tell stories. Funny stories. Usually he tells them while doing stand-up comedy routines at nightclubs and comedy clubs. But Minnick, who graduated with a degree in organizational communication in 2002, also likes to tell stories to children.His nieces and nephews have often heard his stories about animals, especially the one about the dinosaur that lives with him. Finally he decided to put his creativity to use while his youngest niece, Sophia, was still young enough to appreciate his fantasy world.

“I’d always wanted to write a kids book and so I started writing it about a year and a half ago. It’s through the eyes of my niece about her uncle who went to a water park with a tiger shark. It rhymes. ‘My dinosaur and I go to Mars and drive cars.’ It’s wacky lines about me and animals,” he says.

The book, Adventures of my Crazy Uncle Adam, illustrated by Xavier alumnae Elizabeth A. Guilford, sells for $10 on Minnick’s website, Minnick’s schedule of comedy performances at venues in Midwestern states is also accessible on the site.

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