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Kathy Piech wanted to bring it all together—her love of God, her desire to give back to the Church, her marketing experience. So in 2001, the 1998 graduate launched, an online Christian store that offers churches nationwide an alternative to traditional fundraising avenues. Every time someone buys something, their church receives 10 percent back. “It’s also year-round,” Piech says. “It’s not like you take two months to sell popcorn. You just send the link out and encourage people to give to the church.”

The Cincinnati-based company and its subsidiary,, offer a staggering inventory of 200,000 items, from $5 candles to $2,000 statues. While Piech is a lifelong Catholic, her company targets all denominations—a move that reflects her big-picture view of religion. “My philosophy is that God is like a TV set,” she says. “Everyone’s tuned in, but they aren’t all watching the same channel. As long as you’re watching, you’re part of something great.”

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