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Clothing Web Site Proves to be Good Fit

The jobs listed on Jeff Recker’s résumé can only be described as eclectic—Montana fishing guide, diamond broker, surgical equipment salesman, Hollywood actor. And on April 11 at 5:09 p.m., he added another to the list: women’s plus-size clothing salesman. That’s when he and a partner launched a web site,

After noticing the words “plus size” got several blind hits a day from Internet browsers, the two began researching the subject and reading Women’s Wear Daily. They soon learned that plus-size apparel sales are valued at $30 billion a year. “Once we figured that out,” says Recker, a 1989 graduate, “we asked, ‘How can we make this happen?’ It was a case of opportunity really knocking and us answering the door.”

The site links women to various designers and brands that carry plus-size clothing and accessories. They also have a column by spokesperson/model Christine Alt, industry news and a way for women to interact with advice and comments.

“What we’ve created is so necessary because there hasn’t been a site that women can go to solve the frustrations plus- size consumers experience,” says Recker. “This site will empower them to make better choices and offer them more choices.”

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