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Class Investments

Ten local organizations are all the richer because of University students. As part of a new University program, four courses in the spring semester added a philanthropic component to their curriculum and were given $4,000 each to invest in the community. Students in the courses were taught how to solicit and evaluate requests and make awards. The purpose of the philanthropy component was multifold: community engagement, analytical and practical interaction, teaching how to make decisions that have an impact on the community, how to evaluate community assets and needs, and how to judge the impact local organizations have on the quality of life of the community.

The grant recipients were: A Center for Grieving Children at Fernside ($1,000); St. Peter Claver Latin School for Boys ($1,000); Toys as Tools for Intervention with Infants at Central Clinic ($1,000); Evanston Recreation Center ($1,000); Norwood High School Celtic band ($2,500); Bond Hill Academy ($1,500); Holistic Inc. ($4,000); Urban Survivalist Tribe ($4,000); Cincinnati World Cinema ($1,000 ); Over-the-Rhine Summer Home ($3,000).

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