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Class Appeal

This past year, the University took its first journey into the world of class giving, in which alumni serve as liaisons between their graduating class and the annual fund. By all accounts, the effort was a resounding success. The number of donors to the 2000-2001 annual fund increased in 44 out of 53 classes when compared to the previous year, when solicitations weren’t segmented by class.

The Class of 1956, represented by Grant Dibert and Paul Lindsay, led all classes with 51 percent of the alumni giving to the annual fund. The Class of 1954, represented by Jim Powers, was second with a 49-percent participation rate.

The most recent classes were headed up by the Classes of 1991 (14 percent) and 1993 (12 percent). Brian Smith and Eric Knop served as the respective class representatives. Annual fund gifts support campus needs in a variety of areas. Among other things, these gifts help keep tuition costs down and increase scholarship opportunities.

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