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Citizen X

The University created a new collaborative this summer that will be a catalyst for fulfilling the “University as citizen” vision of University President Michael J. Graham, S.J.

The Community Building Collaborative at Xavier, known as CBCX, has two goals: One, to support and enhance efforts on campus that engage the broader community. And, two, to help the University have a more significant impact regionally and, perhaps, nationally in fostering the processes that bring about urban change.

The method, says Byron White, who was hired to oversee the collaborative, involves developing a strategic plan that connects existing efforts at Xavier and enhances communication between them. And it means the University must become more deliberate in the leadership roles it adopts beyond campus.

“This really comes out of Father Graham’s intentions and convictions that Xavier give more attention to its role as a good citizen,” says White, who envisions the collaborative evolving into a think tank and research center.

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