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Chapter Spotlight: New York City

In a city famous for its pizza, bagels and cheesecake, it’s comforting to know that alumni living in New York City haven’t forgotten Cincinnati specialties. This summer, members of the New York chapter—including a few Long Island imports—gathered in Central Park for “Taste of Cincinnati.” The event included LaRosa’s salad dressing, Montgomery Inn barbecue sauce, Busken cookies and—what else—Skyline chili. The only no-show was Graeter’s ice cream.

“I’d love to bring back Graeter’s, but trying to keep it frozen in Central Park is a little tricky,” says chapter president Terri Daly. Geographically, it’s difficult to attract alumni outside of the metro area. “Typically, people who live in Manhattan don’t go to Long Island and people from Long Island don’t come to Manhattan,” says Daly. However, the event attracted a mix of people, proving that big appetites know no boundaries.

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