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Change of Plans

If you’ve subscribed to a tuition payment plan, your bill usually reflects this by listing the partial payment amount. Due to an administrative software system change, however, the office of the bursar is unable to list these individual payments and have sent out bills with the total amount due. The office is in the process of creating a payment plan component for this new system, which will be ready at the start of the spring semester.

In the meantime, simply divide your balance on the first bill in July by five months to determine the payment amount, then by four in August, three in September and two in October. You should pay the remaining balance in November. Simply monitor the balance throughout the semester to insure it is progressing towards zero.

The office of the bursar can also automatically charge your bank account each month to make your payment. To authorize this, simply visit and print the automatic bank account draft payment form, complete and sign it, attach a voided check and mail it to the bursar. The bursar draws only the amount you instruct regardless of your balance so please look at your statement each month to see if you are making the appropriate progress in your payment plan.

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