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Certifiably the Best

What can you say about a guy who beats out more than 1,550 people for the top score on the kind of test that would give most people hives?

Ed VanDerbeck, chairman of the University’s department of accountancy, had this to say: “Mike’s accomplishment is the highest that I’m familiar with in my 28 years at Xavier.”

Now that’s saying something. We’re talking math here, heavy duty financial-type math.

Mike Honan, who graduated last spring with a degree in accounting and is now working on his Master of Business Administration, took the state’s certified public accountant exam this year and got 98 percent right on three sections—business law, financial reporting and auditing. He also earned 96 percent on a fourth section—accounting and reporting.

His accomplishments have earned him a berth at the accounting firm of Deloitte & Touche as a staff member in the company’s auditing department. He’ll start there in September after he’s completed his master’s in August.

“I prepared for about four months for the exam,” Honan says. “Studying for it became my full-time job, but when I took the exam, I was very comfortable with the material.”

Apparently what you can say about a guy like that is—practice makes perfect.

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