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Cartoon Caper

Senior Michael Sieve has been visiting Disney World since he was 4 years old. If you ask him who his favorite cartoon character is, the answer is an assured, “Mickey, because he’s a classic. It all started with a mouse.”

For Sieve it all started in high school with a letter he wrote to Michael Eisner, CEO of Disney Co., telling him that one day he wanted his job. He also asked if the two could meet to play a few rounds of golf. Unfortunately Eisner was out of town when Sieve was in Florida on vacation, but he passed the letter along to Ann Roberts, the head recruiter at Disney.

Roberts helped Sieve get a summer job working in food and beverages in the Tomorowland section of the amusement park. Sieve plans on one day returning to the company to seek more long-term employment. “I want to make somebody else happy and myself happy at the same time,” he says. “With Disney that happens instantly.”

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