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Campaigning at a Glance

The To See Great Wonders campaign will enable the University to revolutionize the student learning experience and dramatically enhance the campus environment. Its priorities include:

  • The James E. Hoff, S.J., Academic Quad, a contemporary teaching and learning environment anchored by two facilities, a dramatic stairway leading from the Academic Mall and a gateway to campus.
  • The Learning Commons, an integrated facility that brings together students and faculty in a setting where they can engage in thought-provoking discussions, interact with advisors or leadership specialists, access research on learning and education, and learn team-building skills.
  • The Williams College of Business’ new building, which incorporates teaching and collaborative spaces that enable students, local business leaders, faculty and staff to learn from each other in ways that enrich the Xavier experience.
  • The Campus Village, a college town environment with student housing and retail businesses.
  • Growth of the endowment, which provides the student scholarships and faculty resources necessary for success.
  • Expanded student housing that not only enriches the lives of students but strengthens the living/learning environment.
  • Enhanced recreation and athletic facilities to support students, faculty and staff in developing healthy lifestyles.
  • Adequate and accessible parking to serve the multitude of activities and resources while at the same time protecting the aesthetic beauty of campus.

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