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Gilligan Scholars | The Institute for Politics and Public Life established an endowed student scholarship in honor of former Ohio Governor John J. Gilligan. The scholarships, which are intended for those interested in public service, are initially being awarded to existing Xavier students with the intent to later expand them to high school seniors as well. The first scholarships are being awarded for the 2010-2011 academic year.

Gov. Gilligan is leading a selection committee to delineate the specific requirements for Gilligan Scholars. These are to include a commitment to public service and written submission articulating the student’s public vision and goals.

This endowment additionally funds a guest lecturer program, bringing renowned national instructors to the Xavier campus. Gov. Gilligan taught English at Xavier after leaving public office. His grandfather was the first basketball coach at Xavier and his father was the first lay person on the board of trustees. To learn more or to contribute to the endowment, go

Nursing Grants | Xavier University received the largest federal grant in its 180-year history this summer, an award of almost $1.5 million from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) designated for the School of Nursing. The grant was awarded through HRSA’s Nurse Education, Practice and Retention (NEPR) program, which addresses the nursing shortage by funding projects that strengthen and enhance the capacity for educating and retaining nurses.

The grant is being used to fund a three-year project to provide master’s-level education and continuing education credits to nurses working in rural areas through the use of high-definition video conferencing. This high-tech method enables nurses at rural sites to participate in real-time courses with nursing students and faculty on Xavier’s campus, thus strengthening the nursing workforce throughout the state and improving nurse retention and quality of patient care.

Up to seven rural health care organizations are scheduled to be part of the video-conferencing project, with at least 20 students each year from organizations and surrounding areas taking part beginning this fall. Nurses participating in the program earn a Master of Science in Nursing and are trained in the new emerging health care role of clinical nurse leader.

Also, two continuing education events are being offered through distance learning each year to nurses in rural areas as part of the grant.
The grant from HRSA, which is a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, came just ahead of two other grants received by the School of Nursing, both from the Ohio Board of Nursing for nearly $400,000.

One of the state grants enables the school to increase its capacity to prepare pre-licensure nursing students, including traditional undergraduates and students in the MIDAS program, which awards Master of Science in Nursing degrees to students with bachelor’s degrees in other disciplines. This grant helps Xavier address the dramatic growth in its nursing programs by creating additional practicum sites through partnerships with two hospitals—TriHealth and Shriners Hospital for Children—and a nursing home—Victoria Retirement Community.

The second grant increases Xavier’s enrollment capacity to prepare graduate level nurses to serve as nurse educators. To direct more nurses into faculty careers, Xavier’s project partners with Good Samaritan College of Nursing and Health Science and the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing and Health to create a pipeline of continuing education from an associate degree program to Xavier’s master’s program to a doctoral program.

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