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Brush with Care

A sense of service led James Weber into dentistry. And in September, that same ideal earned the 1970 graduate the Ohio Dental Association’s Humanitarian Award for 2003.

Weber opened his practice in 1975 and has always done some public service work on his own, but his efforts took off in 1996 when he became involved with All God’s Children, an organization providing dental services to orphans in Romania. He made trips to the former Communist country in 1996, 1997 and 1998. Problems with the Romanian government in 1998 brought an end to the program, but not to Weber’s service. He took his efforts to Honduras in 2001, 2003 and again in February. “The site is at Santa Lucia, in the mountains near the El Salvador border,” he says. “It’s very remote.”

Stepping into other cultures has had a lasting impact. “I’ve developed a deep sense of what it means in my Christian faith to be a member of the body of Christ,” he says. “Prior to my trips, that concept had always been somewhat intellectual and theoretical. With each trip, it’s become more real. I think we take away more than we give.”

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