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Bob Sumerel Tires

You’re gliding down the street in your car, singing a little Pat Benatar with the radio and maybe not paying as much attention to the road as you could. Suddenly, you feel a jolt as your front right tire hits a 12-inch pothole in the street left over from last winter. After pulling over and, perhaps, a little cursing, you realize your tire is ruined. “Great,” you mumble as you pull the spare out of your trunk. “Tires are the last thing I can afford right now.”

No need to fret. As a Xavier and Edgecliff alumnus, you’re eligible for discounts on your next set of wheels. Just present your ALL Card to any Bob Sumerel Tire dealer for a 5-percent discount on tires. You also get a 10-percent discount on automotive parts, services and repairs. Visit for locations throughout Cincinnati and Columbus.

It may not solve all your problems, but it’s a start. Don’t you feel better now?

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