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Blessed Event

As students were moving out of the dorms in May, University President Michael J. Graham, S.J., spoke of the day in August 2011 when students would be doing exactly the opposite—moving into Xavier’s new residence hall. With construction underway behind him, Graham presided over an official blessing of the ground on which the hall and dining complex are being built. Slowed by recent knee surgery, Graham turned to Al Bischoff, S.J., a residence hall minister, and Darrell Burns, S.J., to conduct the prayer and sprinkle the holy water. The 240,000-square-foot complex will house about 535 students in four connected buildings. The dining hall will seat up to 800 and replaces Hoff Marketplace in the Cintas Center. The new dining hall retains the Hoff name to honor the late James E. Hoff, S.J., former Xavier chancellor.

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