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Bitten by the Rug Bug

Jim Banks sells rugs for kids. No, no. Not pint-size toupees. Area carpets, with designs in them that kids would like, such as sports, jungle safaris and the ABCs. Banks runs from his home office, which is decorated with a rain forest rug.

The 1991 graduate, who lives just a few miles from campus in neighboring Norwood, got into the carpet business selling dorm room rugs to college students. While visiting carpet mills in Dalton, Ga., however, he stopped by one mill that designed and produced carpets especially for kids. When he returned home, he looked through the samples.

“It was a lightbulb kind of moment,” he says. “I realized this was the way I wanted to go.”

One of his first decisions was to scrap the traditional retail methods and just set up his shop online.

“By working on the Internet instead of out of a showroom, I can sell anywhere,” he says.

And he has. Although most of his business is national, he has clients as far away as Singapore, Taiwan and Turkey. After all, when it comes to decorations—even rugs—kids will be kids, no matter where they live.

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