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Beyond Description

Greg LeSar’s master’s thesis was a bit unusual. After graduating from Xavier in 2004 with a liberal arts degree, he enrolled at the Savannah (Ga.) College of Art and Design to pursue a Master of Fine Arts. His thesis was a combination movie and rock ’n’ roll composition titled “The Self Conspiracy,” a title he picked up from a psychology class at Xavier. It is almost beyond description, and that’s the way LeSar designed it. 

“I wanted it to be very hallucinatory and psychotic and to look like the people who created it are completely crazy,” he says.

A glimpse of the project is available at, but LeSar says you have to experience it in person to get the full effect. He occasionally stages it at various venues with musicians providing a live soundtrack to a film composed of what he calls “bizarre visuals.” The movie is about a man lost in the world after the apocalypse.

“I wanted to do something that was creative, ambitious, revolutionary, highly artistic and just on the horizon of being actually possible,” he says.

LeSar says creating “The Self Conspiracy” is just the latest turn on an artistic journey that began in his hometown of Lancaster, Ohio. “I learned a lot about the world growing up in a little town on a horse farm in central Ohio,” he says. “When I was growing up, movies were the most important thing in the world to me. And they’re even more incredibly important now. As a tool of expression and a medium of information, it’s for me the highest art form.”

While a film buff, LeSar also sees his enjoyment of rock ’n’ roll as a perfect blend. “In the future of the arts, I see a merging of forms,” he says. “It creates a visceral kind of feeling that has the power to become part of you.”

So what’s next? It’s back to the books. LeSar says he’s planning to pursue a doctorate degree in the arts. “I’ve been given a lot of opportunities by professors to express myself,” he says. “Movies have always been a way for me to connect to the world, so when it was my turn, I gave it everything I had.”

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