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Bending with Ropes

Before the men’s and women’s swim teams hit the pool this year, they first hit the ropes. The teams spent two days at the high ropes course at Camp Joy in nearby Wilmington, Ohio, for a little bonding and team building. Each swimmer paired up with a partner, and together they had to make it through the course, relying on each other as they edged their way along ropes strung between trees high enough off the ground to make knees wobble.

But it was a good lesson, members say. You have to rely and cheer on your teammates, whether you’re in the pool or walking a tightrope.

The hope is their experience helps propel them to somehow improve on last year’s efforts, in which both programs rewrote the history books. The women were runners-up in the Atlantic 10, while the men were third in the A-10—both remarkable feats considering the teams don’t having a diving program to garner extra points.

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